The planning of slick, well-organised conferences is a speciality skill, because so many different eventing disciplines come into play before, during and after these important occasions. You want your event to deliver on certain outcomes for attendees, because time is of the essence in today’s high pressure business environment and you only have your guests or colleagues there for a certain short period. If you are the host, you most definitely do not want your focus to be on whether the lunch is warm, but rather getting through your agenda and being able to relay all the information that needs to be discussed.

We have a long track record of designing and executing different kinds of conference solutions for our clients…while some organisations prefer chilled environments where their staff can relax and really get to know one another outside of the boardroom, others require formal, elegant settings where jam-packed agendas and strict adherence to a schedule are of the essence.

We can do them all.

Your next conference may make use of all or some of these services we offer:

  1. Comprehensive event management, from the planning of bespoke conferences and co-ordination of all logistics during the event
  1. Financial management of conferences (including budgeting and reporting)
  1. Administration of flights and other transportation, meals, accommodation, venues, technical and audio-visual requirements
  1. The design, printing or procurement of necessary components like event websites, name tags, gifts, files / folders or branded bags
  1. Procurement of suitable entertainment options
  1. Pre- or post-conference tour options (including spousal programs)
  1. Events-within-events, so meet-and-greet services at airports, cocktail functions, top management meetings, even team building and launch functions
  1. We believe conferences are rare opportunities for colleagues or business associates to meet in an  unusual environment…partner with us to make them memorable and truly worth your while.

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