Sounds so final, don’t you think?

Africa is vast, unpredictable and gloriously creative and her people's resourcefulness will never cease to amaze us...

We prefer to view the diverse range of places we experience with our travel companions from across the planet as delightful surprises, there to tantalise the senses along the way to who-knows-where!

And you’re spoilt for choice...whether you’re an adrenaline junkie who abseils, climbs, whitewater rafts or does whatever else it takes to get that addictive endorphin rush, or a chilled, lazy wine lover who can sit for hours amid the tranquility of an African Savannah or picture perfect beach, we’ll take you there!


Trekking the mysterious and critically endangered Mountain Gorilla in the north Ugandan forests

Eating our way up from number 10 to 1 of Mercedes Benz & Eat Out Magazine’s Top 10 South African Restaurants

Attending the South African incarnation of the franchise — a week of dust and zero money on an expansive, desolated salt pan in what is known here as Die Moordernaarskaroo (literally translated it means Murderer’s Karoo).

The eccentric crowds stand in stark contrast to the haunting, eerie beauty of the landscape. Hearing jazz legend, pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (a.k.a. 'Dollar Brand’) in an authentic, dimly lit jazz venue  where aromatic Cape Malay fair is served or LOL-ing for what local funny-man and new host of the Late Show with, well, Trevor Noah gets up to on stage in a JHB comedy bar.